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The 7th “03 Parent-child Carnival” Held


The Chongming branch of urban co-construction of “Parenting Station” in response to the public welfare activity for Shanghai scientific parenting guidance in 2018, and the large-scale themed activity of the 7th “03 Parent-child Carnival” of Chongming have been recently held at the Gymnasium of Chongming High School.

At the opening ceremony, the babies and parents from the Early Education Guidance Center of Communities of Chongming brought a lively performance, and presented awards to the winners of the “03 healthy babies of Chongming District in 2017”, advanced units and individuals of early education work. At the same time, a number of game areas were set up on the activity site, facilitating the participated families to carry out the parent-child activities.
With the shortage of resources, the Chongming Early Education Guidance Center has formed a center based on the community in recent years, has developed 39 early education instruction stations in a coordinated manner, and has constructed a guidance and service system of scientific parenting for families of infants with multiple levels, multiple types, full scale and three dimensions, aiming to ensure that each family receives free scientific parenting instruction six times a year to meet the people’s needs for early education with high quality.
The Parent-child Carnival has been consecutively held for seven sessions, in order to enable more families in the district to enjoy high-quality early education and guidance services. And the special branch event of Baozhen Middle School and the Changxing Carnival will be held in November.

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