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Experimental Performance Activity Held to Taste Scientific Charms


Sponsored by the District Science and Technology Association and the District Education Bureau, and undertaken by the Sony ExploraScience Museum (Sony ExploraScience), the District Science and Technology Museum (the Museum for short) and the District Youth Activity Center, the interesting experimental performance activity entitled “Sony ExploraScience -- Science Popularization in Miles” has been recently held at the Library of Chongming High School, attracting 1,400 pupils and teachers from all over the district.

Using scraps of paper to make boomerang and enabling bowling bowls to float in the air, the staff of Sony ExploraScience brought the experimental performances of science popularization to the audience on the site, such as the “flying devices” and “series of levitation”. The Museum also presented the original drama of science popularization entitled Joyful Birdsong to the students. “It’s so funny,” the children said, “it turns out that science could be so funny!”

The “Science Popularization in Miles” held by the Beijing Sony ExploraScience Museum has been held across 16 cities, which lands in Chongming for the first time. It is hoped to enable more children to enjoy the fun of science popularization and to have a taste of the charms of science at their doorsteps.

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