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Experts at Home and Abroad Offer Advice to Chongming Island


The 7th Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum unveiled at Chongming Convention Center from September 4 to September 6, 2018. This forum, sponsored by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and Chongming District People’s Government, supported by Department of International Cooperation (affiliated to Ministry of Science and Technology), Department of Technology Education (affiliated to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs), UNEP, United Nations Human Settlements Programme and UNFAO, co-sponsored by Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and East China Normal University, and undertaken by the Science and Technology Commission of Chongming District, the Agriculture Commission of Chongming District and Shanghai Technology Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd, takes the theme of “Ecology First, Green Development: Build Chongming into a High-Quality World-Class Eco-Island”. More than 50 experts from China and abroad, including the Untied States, UK, France, Netherlands, Italy and Israel, attended the forum and offered advice to Chongming District on how to build a world-class eco-island.

On the Opening Ceremony and on the Scene of Keynote Report

▲ Tang Hailong, Chief of Chongming District Party Committee, addresses the opening ceremony.

▲ Wang Xuejun, Deputy Director of Department of Technology Education,
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, addresses the opening ceremony.

▲ Zhang Zhongjun, UNFAO Deputy Representative to China and DPRK, addresses the opening ceremony.

▲ Zhang Quan, Director of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality,
addresses the opening ceremony.

▲ Li Zheng, Governor of Chongming District, makes a keynote speech titled
“Grasp Opportunity and Forge Ahead: Create Better Future for the World-Class Eco-Island”.

▲ Monika MacDevette, Director of UNEP Ecosystems Division,
makes a keynote speech titled “Ecosystem Management under Global Environment Outlook”.

▲ Fulong Wu, Bartlett Professor of Planning, University College London and Academician of the British Academy,
makes a keynote speech titled “The Changing Environmental Development Policy of China:
Take Greenway Construction as an Example”.

▲ Herve Le Treut, Professor of Sorbonne University, Academician of Académie des sciences,
Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe) and Agricultural College of France,
makes a keynote speech titled “Apply Scientific Information to Make Decisions
on Climate Change and Adaptation Thereafter”.

▲ Norman R Scott, Academician of the National Academy of Engineering,
Professor of Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,
Cornell University and the former Vice-President of Cornell University,
makes a keynote speech titled “Chongming Eco-Island: Ecological Dream and Ecological Reality”.

The 7th Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum takes a “1+2+1+5” framework: 1 opening ceremony and keynote report, 2 sub-forums (sub-forum of ecosystem and sub-forum of urban modern agriculture), 1 district governor’s advisory session on rural revitalization and 5 thematic forums. Thematic forums have 5 themes: Ecology + civilization, cultural industry development, health industry development, town featuring sports and leisure and green transport, focusing on eco-civilization construction and green industry development on Chongming Island. In recent years, Chongming District focused on enhancing the level of construction for world-class eco-island, followed green concepts on all aspects and processes of socioeconomic development, tried to become a pacesetter and pioneer for the “ecology first and green development” principle and a model district of “focusing on environmental protection and refusing large-scale development” in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, tried to set an example for the concept proposed by General-Secretary Xi Jinping: “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and contributed efforts to construct Shanghai into an excellent global city. In 2014, the development path of Chongming District has been recognized in the “Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Evaluation Report” released by UNEP. In recent years, Chongming District has laid a solid foundation for green agriculture, eco-tourism, rural environmental governance and wetland restoration and protection. The district’s innovation development path that takes ecology as core competitiveness has been recognized by more and more experts and international organizations at home and abroad.

Since the first Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum opened in 2006, this forum runs once every two years on Chongming Island, and this year, it has been held for the seventh time. This forum aims to create a platform for international exchange and cooperation and introduce international perspective and global wisdom to Chongming Island for building a world-class high-quality eco-island.

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