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Painted Walls Decorate Shuxin Town


Some citizens have seen a variety of colorful paintings on villagersí» house walls and fences along Qianshu Expressway in Shuxin Town this year, which has become a beautiful scene.
These paintings involve ecological elements, folk customs, rural appeal, rural scenery and magnolia blossoming. The vivid painted walls guide villagers to pay attention to environmental protection.
In recent years, Shuxin Town, synchronized with promoting civilization and building the national civilized town, has emphasized the cultivation of countryside customs and civilization in building the communities characterized by beautiful natural ecology, excellent living conditions, outstanding green industry, good countryside civilization and happy life. Villagers have been immersed in the campaign of building up the culture-featured township in the close-to-life arts with creative publicity modes.
The rural painted walls, as a distinct culturescape in Shuxin Town, not only beautifies the countryside, but also adds cultural deposits to it.

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