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Expressing Love for Chongming through Poem Recitation


Lately, ¡°Flower Island Eulogy ¡€ I Love Chongming¡± Poem Recitation Contest, hosted by the CYL Chongming District Committee and organized by Chongming District Education Bureau, was held at Xianghua Town Nongken Fruits & Vegetable Cooperative.
On that day, contestants recited ¡°Zelkova¡±, ¡°Eulogy of Soapberry¡± and other poems in the form of reciting alone or in turn. Their excellent performances have won intermittent applause from the audience. Finally, Xu Kaixiang from New Era School, Peng Yinnan from Daxin Middle School and Gong Tingting (teacher) from Hexing Middle School won the 1st prize.
It is learnt that the YCL Committee of Chongming District Education Bureau launched the article soliciting activity in April and 114 poems from 34 CYL organizations have been received. And 15 of them were granted the qualification for this contest after the preliminary assessment and final evaluation of the experts.

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