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Fresh Ocean Wind Blowing from Beautiful River Levee


June 8 is the 10th ¡°China Ocean Day¡± and the 9th ¡°World Ocean Day¡±. Lately, 2017 ¡°World Ocean Day - China Ocean Day¡± activity, organized by Chongming District Civilization Office, the CYL Chongming District Committee, Chongming District Water Authority and Chongming District Oceanic Bureau, was held at Nanmen Landscape Levee.
The theme of this activity is ¡°embracing ocean, moving toward future¡±. It aims at further enhancing citizens¡¯ ocean awareness and forming the good atmosphere of caring for, knowing and loving ocean through various activities like subscription, wall painting, coastal clean-up, river protection, wall cleaning and publicity.
During the activity, artists from ¡°Yigaogao Art Transmission Institute¡± have painted a cultural wall characterized by Chongming water culture with ocean, water culture, natural ecology and the river chief system as the elements. They hoped to advocate more residents to take part in water environment treatment and protection and contribute more to Chongming¡¯s construction of a world ecological island.

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