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Russian King Crabs Land at Shanghai Hengsha International Fishing Port


On the afternoon of June 12, the cargo ship ¡°TOR¡± on the direct route from Kholmsk Port, Russia to Shanghai Hengsha International Fishing Port smoothly berthed at the wharf, loaded with fresh king crabs.
The ship "TOR" arriving at the port was loaded with a total of 51 tons of fresh blue and brown king crabs. The arrival of the ship was of great significance for Hengsha International Fishing Port and the fishery industry in Shanghai and even in the whole country, as it was the first arriving cargo ship transporting live aquatic animals after the fishing port was officially opened up in the second half of 2016 and obtained the qualification of designated port for water transport of aquatic animals in December 2016. It marked a breakthrough with the first ever ocean aquatic products fresh and alive arriving at the port by sea and to be delivered to the markets and people¡¯s vegetable baskets in Shanghai.
At 14:00 pm, the "TOR" slowly approached, and then berthed at Dock No. 1 in Shanghai Hengsha International Fishing Port. The ceremony for the first fresh and live ocean aquatic products (Russian king crabs) arriving at port in Shanghai by sea kicked off in cheers and gongs and drums. The inspectors from the four inspection institutions began to work aboard. At 14:30, the first ¡°VIP¡± king crab waving its long legs, as a sample, was held by an inspector and brought to the dock, officially opening a new chapter for Shanghai¡¯s first import of fresh and live aquatic products through seat transportation.
At dusk, with the instruction of unloading issued, all kinds of equipment at the dock started to work, kicking off the 36-hour unloading operation. Dozens of workers were busy at the scene of unloading. The large-sized Russian king crabs were seen to spread long legs and amazingly look at the unfamiliar and noisy ¡°new land¡±. Soon, they were distributed as some were hoisted into the water tank vehicles and transported to the sites of distributors through the green channels for express transportation, and the others were sent to the temporary fishpond at the port to keep alive in the seawater. The crabs did not know that they would be recorded in the history and open an ocean channel for other aquatic products. And the crabs will also gradually become a common foodstuff in the vegetable baskets and on the dinner tables for Shanghai people.

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