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Precious Fishes Released to Strengthen Great Protection of Yangtze River


On the morning of June 6, the municipal agriculture commission and Chongming District government jointly held the 2017 activity of Yangtze River estuary rare aquatic organisms proliferation and releasing in the water area near Chenjia Town.
Released in the activity were 30 Chinese sturgeons, a national first-class protected animal, and 30,000 Chinese high fin banded sharks, a national second-class protected animal. In the previous periods of artificial reproduction and breeding, the Yangtze River Estuary Chinese Sturgeon Nature Reserve simulated the estuarine environment, the predation in the wild and other indicators, with the standards for releasing reached. After being released, the Chinese sturgeons and the Chinese high fin banded sharks will be able to adapt to the living environment in the nature. 
In recent years, due to water pollution, over-fishing and other factors, the aquatic living environment in the Yangtze River is deteriorating, and it has been an important task to save the rare and endangered wild aquatic organisms and protect biological resources in the Yangtze River. Since 2004, the nature reserve has organized the activity 19 times, with a total of over 300,000 fishes such as Chinese sturgeon, Chinese high fin banded shark and Songjiang perch released.

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